Timberborn Update Patch V1.0.3

Timberborn Update Patch V1.0.3

This update includes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a display issue where players would sometimes not be able to see the enemy's health bar.
  • Fixed some profile images that were not displaying properly. Fixed some chat box issues.
  • Fixed some tile issues.


  • Updated the profile images for the creatures and characters.
  • Updated the animated logo in the loading screen.
  • Updated the icons in the player menu.
  • Updated the loading screen.
  • Updated some in-game screens.
  • Updated the player menu.
  • Updated the main menu.
  • Updated some of the creature models.
  • Updated some of the character models.
  • Added a new creature.
  • Added a new character.
  • Added new portraits for the characters